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U2 album ‘No Line On The Horizon’ ships March

U2 wil release their 12th studio album, ‘No Line On The Horizon’, on Monday March 2, 2009.
The follow up to the band’s 9 million selling album ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’, sessions for ‘No Line On The Horizon’ began last year in Fez, Morocco, and continued in the band’s own studio in Dublin, before moving to New York’s Platinum Sound Recording Studios, and finally completing at Olympic Studios in London.
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Should music really be free? No.

Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan has sparked huge debate with a series of posts which explain why music can’t just be free.

His statements won a round of vituperative responses, and the analyst responded to these with a post on his own blog this afternoon.

Mulligan points out that as an active musician and an industry analyst, he (and we agree with him) doesn’t believe artists should be returned to some romantic position as unpaid minstrels travelling from town-to-town in hope of earning a few cents to survive.

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Ex-Floyd manager: iTunes an album sales ‘disaster’

One time manager of Pink Floyd, Sincere Management’s Pete Jenner slammed iTunes for its effect on album sales at a UK music industry event this week.

Speaking at a MusicTank conference, he said Apple’s music store has “had the disastrous effect on the record industry of debundling the album.” He complained cherry-picking tracks from albums means consumers now “buy the two album tracks that are worth buying,” Music Week informs.

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Owngig.com gig one: The Blow Monkeys

Owngig.com is proud to announce it’s first gig featuring The Blow Monkeys, taking place on November 22.

The website, launched just 3 months ago, allows fans to bid for which artist they would most like to see perform live, matching requests to help create a one-off event. Fans of The Blow Monkeys have recently created such a high demand that it has already made their dream gig become a reality, the release describing the achievement reveals.

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Insound profits on vinyl/digital double play

Insound is a US music retailer with a fresh twist, it sells vinyl but also makes MP3s of what it sells available to buyers – a business proposition music lovers seem interested in, Billboard reports.

The retailer has only secured permission to sell 500 albums in this new combined format, including releases from the likes of Sub Pop and Matador, but the scheme has seen Insound’s vinyl sales double in the last 18 months, the report claims.

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We7 launches free music-on-demand service

We7 today officially launched its ads-supported music service, offering UK music lovers the chance to listen to whatever music they choose for free, and offering a chance to buy their favourite music.

The service’s extensive catalogue includes music from a three million strong catalogue of artists including Kings of Leon, Pink, Nickelback, and Estelle.

We7 is adding up to 30,000 tracks a day to its collection of over 3 million licensed tracks, including many new releases as they become available.
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Social networking’s sexier than Blu-ray

The price of Blu-ray players and discs seems set to fall this season, as those involved seek to take the format into the mass market – meanwhile that market’s changing, with consumers flocking to sign-up to location-based social networking services for their mobile phones, a pair of ABI Research reports claim.

“Blu-ray vendors and dealers are starting to realize that for Blu-ray to become the next DVD, they need to lower player prices in order to generate interest and build volumes,” said ABI Research principal analyst Steve Wilson.
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Snow Patrol, Pink, spearhead interactive iPhone apps

With over ten million units sold, Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch have become new tools for music promotion, with Snow Patrol and Pink in the vanguard of artists introducing promo applications for the devices through the App Store this week.

The news confirms our September 1 report that Snow Patrol and Apple have been working together to develop an interactive iPhone application to promote the band’s new album, ‘A Hundred Million Suns’ (available now).

The App is available for free download and as predicted offers a ton of interesting content, including art, lyrics and three video reports explaining the making of the album.

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Ben Folds keeps music live with iTunes

Ben Folds and iTunes have teamed up for an innovative music sales scheme that combines the artist’s latest album, his tour, live recordings and an exclusive live album in a deal the partners say is a “new way music is recorded and distributed to music fans worldwide.”

It’s quite interesting: Folds calls the collection “The Sounds of Last Night…This Morning.” And that’s exactly what it is.

You see, during Folds’ current US tour one live track is being recorded in each of 10 cities and made available the next day exclusively on the iTunes Store.

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