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Air whispers ‘Love by Air’ iPhone app

French electronic pop duo Air have teamed up with London-based music technology company RjDj to create their special musical iPhone App, “Love by AIR”, which allows fans to create their very own ambient sounds using music from the band’s latest ‘Love 2’ album.

Air-heads can choose from five different “soundscapes,” and then use the App to transform the musical experience in real-time by sampling and processing ambient sounds, their own voice and more into Air’s own music. Users can also record their own messages or performances with the application in order to share their own unique Air-based musical muses with others.

Marking the release, RjDj and Air are launching a contest to invite fans to create and submit their own Love recording. From now until March 22, weekly winners will be selected, and a grand prize winner will also be determined. The grand prize winner will receive an iPod Touch and weekly winners will receive Air’s latest CD Love 2.

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Future chance, future challenge for the Apple TV

Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV has a chance at becoming a ubiquitous household item, though the company may need to add support for non-Apple media services and implement many new features if it seriously intends making an iPod-level impact on this important growing market.

The reason Apple has the chance is visible in the growing momentum behind development of solutions to bring online video to the front room – a sector becoming quickly more intense.

Online video on-demand services such as iTunes or Hulu are hot properties, meaning many more devices – including TVs offering features similar to the Apple TV – should begin to reach market en masse starting next year. And even if Apple does not develop such solutions there will still be winners and losers in the race to offer the ‘iPod’ equivalent of the multimedia for the front room box.

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Olympic 2008 coverage tests online skill

Olympics 2008 coverage continues to emerge as a key online play for content delivery companies – now Adobe has thrown its hat into the ring, revealing a deal with CCTV.com to offer online sporting event coverage in China.

Adobe and CCTV.com will offer online coverage of the Beijing Olympics to sports fans in China and Macau through a dedicated online channel for the event. The online broadcast system’s based on Adobe Flash and Flex technology.
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