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We7 reaches distro deal with The Orchard

Peter Gabriel-backed ads-supported music service, We7, announced a second significant deal this morning – reaching an agreement with leading aggregator The Orchard to offer music from the labels it represents through We7.

This news means music handled by The Orchard will be made available for on-demand ad-funded download, streaming and mp3 sales. It’s highly significant as the move will bring 1.3 million tracks into the We7 service
The deal allows customers on the ad-funded music website access to The Orchard’s significant and diverse music offering, spanning international multi-platinum acts, cutting-edge breaking bands, and iconic and historically significant regional music.

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Free music site is artist-friendly

Brand new ads-funded online music distribution service, Rawrip, launched in beta today.

Set to launch for real in November, the service promises artists 100 per cent of the royalties accrued with every music download. In addition to pay as you go downloads, fans can stream music for free, store songs in their own personal music library, and explore new music using the ‘The Rippler.’
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