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iTunes spurning AC/DC star in Excel music video

AC/DC’s quite brilliant ‘Black Ice’ album may not be available online, and while the legendary band have offered a few treats for the digital generation this latest fan-based move is something else…

AC/DC feature in the world’s first music video created within an Excel spreadsheet, built using ASCII art. Bigging up the clip, the band’s ‘people’ said, “AC/DC smashes through the corporate firewall with real rock ‘n’ roll. Watch the video playing back as ASCII art in Microsoft Excel!”

You can see the clip after the break, mainly so we could include an image of the new album and note that relatively recent estimates suggest the band’s music’s been downloaded in excess of half a million times of the file-sharing networks…

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AC/DC: Those about to rock – they download you

AC/DC’s hotly-hyped album, ‘Black Ice’, may not ship until October 20 but that hasn’t stopped the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s collection leaking online, where it has been downloaded over 400,000 times through the Torrent networks.

These kind of figures are inevitable as the band won’t yet release their music online…this hasn’t stopped it emerging there, however, it leaked onto the networks six days ago. The only rock ‘n’ roll tragedy is that AC/DC won’t get paid for those thousands of downloads…

Do they care? Probably not. During the last 5 years when most recording artists have experienced a drop in CD sales, AC/DC have been flourishing, last year selling 1.3 million CDs in the US alone, TorrentFreak helpfully informs.

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AC/DC spurn iTunes for album sales

Apple’s insistence that bands must make all their albums available on a trac-by-track basis continues to splinter support within the music industry, with legendary rock band, AC/DC, explaining their long-standing boycott of the service is all about the album format.

AC/DC frontman Angus Young, whose band refuse to make their songs available on iTunes, said the move is simply because they don’t want fans simply downloading a few tracks from albums.

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AC/DC new single streaming online now

AC/DC’s first new single in eight years, “Rock’n’Roll Train,” is streaming as of, well, now, on the band’s website.

The song is also expected to debut on U.S. radio outlets today (Aug. 28). A video for the song was shot Aug. 15 in London and will premiere next month.

“We know you, you’re an AC/DC fan. And as an AC/DC fan, we know you’ve been scouring the internet for information about Black Ice, watching every fan-made video on YouTube with “Rock,” “Roll,” and “Train” in the tags and visiting ACDC.com daily looking for more.

“Well, it’s here. Fans can now listen to “Rock ‘N’ Roll Train,” the band’s first new song in eight years, at ACDC.com.”

So, there’s the news – head on over to ACDC.com….