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So far, iPhone apps ‘scratch surface’ of the possible…

We spend a lot of our time here stressing the chance the iPhone offers bands (such as Fall Out Boy, illustrated) and other creative people for creating links with their audiences and putting their art across – well, that’s all very good and well, but how do you do it on a budget, how do you build an iPhone app?

Apress has introduced a huge volume which should help you understand how to develop such applications, and explains what the iPhone as a platform can do – and the authors say applications we’ve seen for the device so far are simply ‘scratching the surface’ of what’s possible.

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Stanford’s MacBook orchestra exposed

This is kind of interesting, an orchestra at Stanford University that uses laptops to create their music, and collaborates with other orchestras for ‘live’ performances over the internet.

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Updated:Google offers voice search for iPhone – video

Google this week optimised its search results for iPhone users – now the search engine giant has made the Apple device capable of exercising searches using voice commands. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video:

UPDATE: Since this report was published the descriptive video appears to have been taken offline and there has been no sign yet of the application’s arrival on the App Store. We have found another version of the original video which we have posted here. The original New York Times report appears authoritative and written with cooperation from the search giant, so the jury’s out on what’s really going down. Original report from here unchanged.

Second Update: Now the word is we’re looking at Monday, watch the skies, people…

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