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7digital gets into household devices

UK online music service, 7digital and home entertainment specialist, Imerge have joined forces to implement a system that allows users to access and purchase high quality MP3s directly through Imerge’s home entertainment systems.

Imerge provides luxury entertainment systems that allow customers to record, store and playback music, video and media to multiple rooms in their home through connected control panels.

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Universal, Warner, SonyBMG join iTunes Plus?

The long-standing duel between Apple and three major labels, Universal, Warners and Sony BMG may be coming to an end, with tracks from these majors now showing up within the iTunes Plus music upgrade service.

There’s been strong rumours claiming negotiations between Apple and the labels to offer music at high quality free of restrictive DRM have intensified in recent weeks. Sony BMG is already thought to be uploading tracks to make available through iTunes Plus.

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All majors plot path to iTunes Plus DRM-free – report

We know Apple already offers music DRM-free through iTunes Plus from EMI, and are convinced reports Sony BMG is already preparing its music for introduction through the service, now it seems the two remaining majors Warner and Universal, are in “discussions” to offer their music DRM-free through Apple’s service as well.

That’s over a year since EMI signed-up, and in the meantime the majors have left the majority of legitimate music consumers, who overwhelmingly use iTunes, consigned to purchasing a flawed, DRM-laden product.

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BT Digital Music Awards, the nominees are…

BT has revealed the nominations for the 2008 BT Digital Music Awards, with Kylie Minogue and Bloc Party holding three nominations each.

Kylie faces Coldplay, Radiohead, Leona Lewis and British Sea Power for artist of the year, and is also nominated for best pop artist and best innovation for Kylie Konnect .

Bloc Party take on Coldplay, Ida Maria, Radiohead and The Futureheads for best rock/indie artist and are also up for best music community for Bloc Party Marshals and best artist promotion for the ‘Intimacy’ album release campaign.
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Coming soon: free music from UK ISP’s

Stop speculating, the alternative has arrived: Internet users in the UK can soon expect free, legal MP3s as part of their ISP subscription, now ISPs here have a quick and easy solution that will allow them to offer legal music downloads to customers, from 7Digital.

The UK service today announced a new range of services for ISPs, services designed to enable them to offer integrated, legitimate music download services to customers. And 7Digital is already meeting with ISPs with a view to offering music to subscribers.

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7Digital cut price CSS, Ting Tings

UK online music service, 7 Digital, has announced its special offers of the week, including CSS album, Donkey, and a Ting Tings song featured in a recent Apple iPod advert.
7 Digital, which offers a growing slice of its selection in the DRM-free MP3 format for use on any device or computer platform, reported year-on-year sales growth of 300 per cent, mainly as a result of selling songs free of usage restrictions.
“High-quality DRM-free MP3 downloads have sparked a new wave of digital music take up,” said Ben Drury, chief executive at 7digital.com. “This format makes the digital music proposition simple for consumers with one universal format for all devices.
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7Digital reaches Sony Walkman video deal

Sony UK has reached a deal with UK online music firm, 7 Digital, under which Sony’s “Walkman Wirefree” series (NWZ-A826K & NWZ-A828K) players will be sold with vouchers entitling purchasers to download music videos from 7 Digital for free.
The online service currently offers thousands of DRM-free music videos allowing consumers to play downloaded video on virtually any digital media device. Customers can claim their five free music video downloads by visiting the service’s website and entering their unique download code.
Ben Drury, 7digital’s CEO said: “Through key partnerships we will be able to provide more choice for consumers, encourage more competition in the digital music market and ultimately offer a better deal for the consumer.”