Sunday and need a little handheld horror? There’s an App for that…

Sunday, what a great night for some handheld horror – so give it up for ZooVision who are offering just that for iPhone users. Yes, that’s right, right now for just a few cents you can stream George Romero’s original 1968 classic Night Of The Living Dead to your iPhone today.

The film ships with a handful of Night Of The Living Dead inspired wallpapers and other bits and pieces.

What we find most interesting in view of Apple’s recent decision to pretend the human races only urge is to wander a perfect world of Starbucks and long-necked black tops with the eviction of thousands of vaguely nudey rudey apps last week – this new App is available only to users of 17-years old or more.

Wonder how they manage that?

Click right here to download it yourself while it’s available!

PS: Interesting the number of Night of the Living Dead apps that are available via the store, given it is out of copyright now…

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