Stupid Apple Censors Make iTunes Stupid

From the ‘Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed’ dept. comes this really rather remarkable example to illustrate just how stupid most censors are – censoring the word “sperm” from the proper name, “Sperm Whale” in its iBookstore….

I’ve raved about the stupidity of censorship before. Censorship implies people are too stupid to make their own decision, in this case though it certainly proves the censors are far too stupid to be allowed to make censorious decisions.

Censoring the word “sperm”? I ask you. That’s just retarded. What’s next? Are we going to see all the words commonly used to describe pregnancy or procreation removed? And then wonder why teen pregnancies go up?

To quote Nathan Barley, “The idiots are winning”.

4 thoughts on “Stupid Apple Censors Make iTunes Stupid

  1. Paul

    The censors however say the stupid scientists shouldn’t have named the whale the Sperm whale to begin with. If they their filthy minds on the job at hand we wouldn’t be here today. 🙂

  2. Kevin

    not just retarded but also inconsistent: if they censored “sperm” then they should have censored out “Dick” from the name of the book, too.

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