Strategy Analytics praises iTunes for mobile

The Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab has released its latest report, exploring use of iTunes as a mobile music store.
Sure, now, we know that right now the only way you’re going to be able to buy music through your iPhone is via the iTunes Store for WiFi, and while the App Store lets you purchase products over the 3G connection, we’re not convinced iTunes qualifies as a mobile shop just yet.
Though we do think it will.

Still, there’s no stopping Strategy Analytics, who praise the Apple service in a new report, called, “iTunes Sets the Standard for Mobile Music”.
The report evaluates the usability of leading mobile music stores in the UK and provides key findings for a superior mobile music download experience.
Participants in this Strategy Analytics study were able to access, search for, preview, download and play music in the fewest clicks using iTunes compared to Nokia Music Store and Vodafone Music Station. iTunes received the highest user satisfaction ratings.
“Users were impressed with the iTunes mobile music store. They found it to be well-organized, visually appealing and easy to navigate” commented Paul Brown, Senior User Experience Research Analyst at Strategy Analytics.
Kevin Nolan, User Experience Research Director, added “Strategy Analytics has identified five key-findings for mobile music stores based upon end user evaluations of leading mobile music stores in the UK. These key discoveries relate to layout, search, preview, purchase and playback”.

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