Steve Jobs may at last be rid of his Woodside ‘abomination’

Steve Jobs may have a little early birthday present this week (it’s his big day tomorrow), with a local Woodside couple agreeing to take possession of the mansion house Jobs has been attempting to replace for years now.

The long-running saga of the Jackling residence dates back eight years. Jobs has declared his hatred for the place (he calls it an “abomination”, and has wanted to demolish it to create a place more to his taste.

However. the Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion, vacant since 2000, has won support from local preservationists.

It is called the Jackling House after its original owner, copper magnate Daniel C. Jackling. Built on six acres in about 1925, the place was famously the location Jobs was photographed in surrounded by almost no furniture, and was also the place he retreated too when ousted from Apple all those years ago.

He bought the building in 1984, lived in it for about 10 years and then rented it for several years

The eight-year battle may finally be over. Deborah Dory, a senior planner in Woodside, said Jason and Magalli Yoho offered to relocate the Spanish Colonial Revival- style mansion to their property in a meeting in December.

A state court judge in Redwood City, California, is pondering an earlier decision by the Woodside town council allowing Jobs to pay an investor $604,800 to demolish and reconstruct pieces of the mansion.

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