Stereo MCs get connected

UK online music and media download service, Wippit, is giving away a Stereo MCs video album in association with the Daily Star for free. The video is a live concert recording, exclusive to Wippit which contains four tracks from the forthcoming album, previously named as ‘Double Bubble’, available later this month.
The move follows the band’s decision to give away a free live album ‘Live In Europe 08’, to fans attending a London live performance last month.
Their most recent album, Paradise, was released in 2005. ‘Elevate My Mind’ by the Stereos was the first British hip hop single to reach the U.S. R&B chart. They’re also known for 1992’s breakthrough ‘Connected’.
It’s not the first time Wippit has been involved in a download give away with the Daily Star, the UK firm has previously offered a free £5 in the newspaper to spend on Wippit, “but this is our first video giveaway,” explained a Wippit spokesman, speaking to Distorted Loop. “The video is a live concert recording, exclusive to Wippit and contains live versions of four tracks from the forthcoming album,” he added.

UPDATE: This recently came in from a friend of a friend, we publish it here as it may amuse: “Stereo MCs front man Rob Birch had his collar felt by customs officials at Gatwick airport early this morning (Thursday 28th August). Returning from a 4-day break from promoting new album Double Bubble and visiting his children in Barbados, customs officers’ suspicions were raised by the short duration of Rob’s trip to the Caribbean isle and asked to search his luggage. Convinced he was a drugs mule , Rob was given a body search in a holding room and threatened with immediate arrest when he refused to succumb to being xrayed-when he finally gave permission he was found to be concealing a cheese sarnie and quite a healthy bone structure -quote-“all they found was my balls and my breakfast”. Thankfully they were not confiscated. Rob was finally released without charge.”

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