Stephen Fry’s file-sharing speech now online

stephen_fryUK prime minister (well, in the UK we all live in hope next April’s election will give us someone equally worthwhile) Stephen Fry raised huge attention recently, when he lambasted the music industry for its demonisation of file-sharers – now that whole incendiary speech is available online….

Fry released a podcast of his discourse at the iTunes Live Festival here in London yesterday, and it offers an interesting whistle-stop tour of the history of humanity, creativity and technology’s impact on the same.

He’s not happy with big music, likening it to “Big Tobacco” for being populated by well-heeled lawyers dedicated to smacking it down against those who they perceive as acting against their interests.

‘Course, it’s an industry truism that the music industry hosts more lawyers than any other business. Which is strange, for an industry which claims to be about musicians. Sure is a funny old world…

If you’ve read the reports on his speech, you’ve probably been pretty curious at what Mac-loving maverick Fry ACTUALLY SAID….

So, if you want to hear his completely rational discourse on the nature of file-sharing, you can get it now – through iTunes or elsewhere. Go check his site, and listen to somebody smart actually speaking sense about all this stuff.


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