Steampunk My iPod And The World’s First Wax Cylinder Release In A Century…

We really like this set of steampunk-inspired iPod decals, we think they look pretty slick.

Designed by Colin Thompson and available via Gelaskins for just $14.95, these turn your 21st Century iPod into a 19th Centuryslice of Victoriana. We’d like a set.

Features Include

  • Removable art prints for the 5th Gen. iPod Video
  • Fully compatible with 30, 60, 80 GB models
  • 3M Technology for easy application and clean removal
  • Durable scratch protection and customization for your iPod
  • GelaSkins protect the front and back of the iPod
  • GelaScreen included to defend your screen from abuse
  • Compatible with all other iPod accessories

Also take a look at this other product from the same artist, a really rather cool cover for your laptop that also bestows a slight steampunk flavour.

And while you’re at it, for the most amazing slice of retro-goodness yet, why not take a look at this latest release made in collaboration with former Creaming Jesus’ frontman Andy’s new band, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing — digital music fans take note…

Possibly the first album to be released partly on wax cylinder for the better part of a century, this boxed edition of ‘Now That’s What I Call Steampunk! Volume 1’ includes a genuine phonograph cylinder featuring one of the songs from the album, the full album on CD, a special lyrics ‘newspaper’, and instructions on how to build your very own phonograph player so that you can listen to your cylinder.

We think that’s incredibly cool and interesting in its sublime retro relevance.

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