Stanford’s MacBook orchestra exposed

This is kind of interesting, an orchestra at Stanford University that uses laptops to create their music, and collaborates with other orchestras for ‘live’ performances over the internet.

It’s perhaps no more unique than any other massed group of musicians, and that we can make music using laptops isn’t new news, but to create a fully-functioning orchestra this way sure is. And there’s a few unique twists to it all.

Apple this morning published an extensive look at the work that’s going on at the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, who use 20 MacBooks to compose and perform new music. “We tilt the notebook and use its built-in accelerometer to expressively control sound. We use the trackpad as a kind of violin bow,” explains Ge Wang, SLOrk’s founder. ”You can make some wild, diverse music with the MacBook.”

He adds, “we’re pushing the boundaries of how people make electronic music. for us, the MacBook is at the centre of that goal. It enables everything we do.”

Oh – and we like that they make their own speakers out of Ikea salad bowls – perhaps Ikea should sponsor them, too?

6 thoughts on “Stanford’s MacBook orchestra exposed

  1. Charlotte

    The orchestra will be playing during the Macworld PULSE Supersession at Macworld, and their conductor, Ge Wang, will be speaking at Macworld LIVE! with David Pogue. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. Jonny Post author

    Hey – get The Bays down and see what could happen!

    In fact, why not – it could be well interesting??

  3. Carmichael

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