Spotify music service launches: comes With Indies

A new indie artist-friendly streaming music service, Spotify, has launched last night in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with more countries to come in the weeks ahead.

Founded by Daniel Ek & Martin Lorentzon (pictured), Spotify is a refreshing breath of air after the partially major-label owned MySpace Music apparent unwillingness to treat indie labels as peer partners for its somewhat confusing music service.

In a late announcement last night, global indie label trade association Merlin confirmed it has signed up as a “fifth major” for the launch of the new on-demand streaming music service.

Spotify offers instant access to music which users can listen to without restriction, include in playlists they create and share with each other, and explore using various social networking features.

It’s a nice presentatin, music is accompanied by biographies and reviews, and offers artists the chance to sell merchandise and music downloads. Spotify will be made available on two levels, as a subscription service and also as an ads-supported free service. Music fans can also purchase a day pass that gives access to Spotify without advertising

Charles Caldas, CEO of Merlin comments: “We are genuinely excited at the fantastic quality and attention to detail behind the Spotify service and at the innovative business opportunity for our members. We are equally pleased that Spotify quickly recognized the true value that Merlin has brought to the market. “
Daniel Ek, founder and CEO at Spotify says: “For Spotify, it was vital to ensure our customers had the widest possible choice of repertoire from the day of launch. Merlin’s global reach and the incredible strength of repertoire allowed us to have immediate access to the world’s most valuable independent labels and artists via a single avenue.” 

Spotify – the story from Spotify on Vimeo.

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