Spiderman creator spins online

Spiderman creator, Stan Lee, has reached a deal to publish his latest comic book series, ‘Time Jumper’, online and on digital devices – iPods, mobile phones, and also as a traditional comic book.

The deal, with Walt Disney, means the publisher will make the new comic available through myriad channels. Speaking to the Financial Times, Lee said: “Comics have always been a springboard for movies,” Lee told the FT. “This deal means they can be a springboard for a new form of entertainment.”

The new comic strip will be a multimedia publication, sure, it will include the things comic fans expect in print – speech bubbles and art, but it will also include music, voices and special effects, the report claims.

The deal will be announced on Friday at Comic-Con.

The story features a teenage time traveller who transports himself through time using his mobile phone.

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