Sony/ATV, Orchard reach big deal

It’s a big business deal but its significance shouldn’t be lost on any music fan: online music aggregator, The Orchard, has secured marketing and digital distribution rights to all Sony/ATV Music Publishing owned master recordings outside of North America.

The catalogue includes recordings owned by Sony/ATV’s worldwide affiliates across Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan and South Africa. The worldwide deal also includes representation rights for creative licensing in film, television and advertising and more.

Guy Henderson, Senior VP Sony/ATV Music Publishing International said, “We’re very excited at the prospect of working with The Orchard team to market and sell our master recordings digitally to all parts of the globe. In this new world where music companies are expected to handle all facets of the business, this deal not only provides an opportunity for new income streams for our more established writers, but opportunities for our up and coming songwriters as well”.

The deal should be good news for country music fans as it means the Orchard gets the chance to distribute hundreds of albums by major country and R&B artists, including Joe Tex, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Roger Miller, Willie Nelson and Little Richard.

The catalogue also includes archive spoken word recordings of John F. Kennedy.

Both partners also stressed the international nature of the deal, which should liberate recorded tracks from Sony/ATV’s international archives, and hopefully means hitherto unknown artists will become accessible.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson.

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