Sony offers US PS3 video and TV services

Sony yesterday introduced a new video service which will allow Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP console users to access and watch films, TV shows and original programming. The company launched the service in the US with a catalogue of 300 full-length films and over 1,200 television shows, many in HD format.
Studios participating in the service include 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Entertainment, MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Walt Disney and some TV broadcasters are also involved.
Users can access the media collection using their PlayStation device. Once in the library they can search through it by title, producer, studio and cast. Downloads are quick – you can begin watching new media after a few moments, or download for later use. Films cost from $2.99 (rental), or $9.99 (purchase).
Sony has employed DRM technology from Marlin, which does allow users to enjoy their content on multiple active devices, such as the PSP.
The PS3 can already access media held on a home network, Nullriver Software’s MediaLink helps make that happen, but this Sony move takes on Apple and Microsoft (which revealed a deal for the Xbox with Netflx yesterday) in the convergence space.

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