Sony makes nice with iTunes on film, music follows?

The reviews called it the “must-see comedy of the summer” and as winter closes in Sony has revealed an iTunes plan for the DVD release of ‘Pineapple Express’.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has signed-up to offer an iTunes Digital Copy of the film on the DVD or Blu-ray versions of the movie sold in the US from January 6.

UK and US customers who purchase a DVD also get an additional Digital Copy of the movie which can be popped inside iTunes, and then played back on the computer or Apple’s range of digital devices.

This means iTunes, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV owners will be able to extract a legitimate copy of the film for playback on their computers and digital devices when they buy the disc. Sony will also offer versions for playback on Windows PCs and the PlayStation Portable.

“Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is thrilled to expand the value and convenience of our digital copy program to the iTunes community,” said Lexine Wong, senior VP of worldwide marketing at Sony. “Consumers can enjoy Pineapple Express where and how they like – whether with the full home entertainment experience of Blu-ray high def or DVD or on the go with their laptop, PSP or iPod.”

We’re curious if the move suggests a broader rapprochement with Sony, particularly in view of recent clamour claiming the company will soon make its music available DRM-free through iTunes Plus.

iTunes Digital Copy was introduced in January 2008 at an Apple event and only recently became available with some 20th Century Fox titles sold in the UK.

Here’s the obligatory film trailer:

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