Sony Ericsson unlimited music plan launch October

Sony Ericsson has today confirmed plans to offer its very own unlimited music download service, launching the service – PlayNow plus – in Sweden this year, with an international roll-out penned for 2009.

Like Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ service (which Nokia chiefs take pains to say will cost more money than just the handset price), Somy Ericsson’s music attempt will let users download unlimited music at a fixed rate.

The company is reaching deals with operators, under which music downloaded through the service won’t count against a users’ data plan, carriers will instead get a slice of the $15/month subs fees.

Sony Ericsson has signed its intial deal with Telenor in Sweden, which will offer a version of the W902 Walkman phone at the end of October.

The handset will offer unlimited access to PlayNow plus music for the first six months and 1,000 preloaded songs. Songs are free DRM. Users get to keep the 100 most-played tunes at the end of six months.

Sony Ericsson has the support of all the majors for the plan.

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