Sony Ericsson to take on Apple/Nike+?

Sony Ericsson is expected to introduce its answer to Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ with its own music service, expected to launch this week in partnership with Omnifone – and seems to be adopting a position to compete with the Nike+/Apple athletics partnership as it does,

Sony Ericsson has announced a new event in London – and the event’s focus on music and athleticism suggests the music service speculation may have legs (sorry).

The first ever Sony Ericsson Run To The Beat begins at the O2 arena in London on 5 October, and will feature 30 bands who have been (apparently) “specially chosen to motivate the athletes as they complete the 13 mile-plus route.” Yes folks, a half-marathon.

Each of the bands will be playing tracks to a designated BPM and have been positioned to enhance the runners’ personal bests. The event is the first half marathon in London set to music.

With 45 per cent of Run to the Beat’s competitors taking part in a half marathon for the first time, music will play a critical role in easing the pain barrier for debutants and could increase performance time by up to 20 per cent, according to research conducted by Run to the Beat’s, Dr Costas Karageorghis, who has researched the exercise and music link for two decades.

A reader in the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University, Dr Karageorghis explains: “We are examining the demographic profile of athletes very carefully to ensure the selection of live music acts span age groups and genders to provide motivational music that will inspire runners as well as spectators.”

According to Dr Karageorghis, variety in music and tempo are key when trying to influence athletes’ performance

Oh, and here’s the top ten artists/songs as voted on by those entering the competition.

Top Ten Artists / Songs
(As voted by Run to the Beat entrants)
1. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
2. Queen
3. The Killers
4. Prodigy
5. Faithless
6. Michael Jackson
7. Amy Winehouse
8. Take That
9. Scissor Sisters
10. Justin Timberlake

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