Sonos gains iPhone remote app

iPhone users with a Sonos media player system gained an unusual treat this week with the release of an updated version of Zones, a remote control for Sonos systems that works on an iPhone.

Available as an application from the App Store, Zones uses the open standard UPnP protocol over your own WiFi network to let you browse your music, queue up songs, artists and albums, and to play, pause, adjust volume, and change tracks no matter how many zones you have.

The software will also display album artwork on your iPhone if the art is available, will catalogue your collection, allows control of multiple zones and also lets you play internet radio stations.

The application isn’t cheap, though, retailing at $14.99 in the US store and £8.99 in the UK. And you can read an excellent review of it right here.

Other handy music-focused iPhone applications released so far this month include drum machine, Bedrum (£2.39), the Destiny keyboard instrument (£1.49) and innovative jamming software, Jam: Have you met Miss Jones (£2.99).

Perhaps more widely useful for music fans, Gig Radar (£1.19) uses an iPhone user’s current location and a scan of data held on to furnish you with a list of nearby live music events; while Anthem (59p) offers you playlists of music videos.

Singing bowls and a whole category of ambient and chilled out apps, led by Brian Eno’s Bloom confirm the musical message of the mobile application evolution.

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