SonicSwap links YouTube to iTunes

Right behind the introduction of its online suite of iTunes playlist sharing services, SonicSwap ( has introduced a new line of Flex-built playlist widgets that automatically connect iTunes playlists with YouTube music videos.

By converting iTunes playlists into YouTube video playlists of original and live music performances, SonicSwap adds new entertainment dimensions to a music collection. This “mash-up” delivers music video entertainment similar to VH1 or MTV, and is directly tied to iTunes listening habits.

Music videos are matched automatically with an entire iTunes library of tracks, and collection of playlists.

“The new widgets offer the greatest way to discover and enjoy new music – by listening to friends’ playlists”, said Dan Skilken, SonicSwap founder and CEO. “This offers new ways to market music – as members find tracks they want to buy, we connect them to leading online retailers.“

Flex technology was critical to the development because it is the only technology with good enough performance to handle and display the massive amount of data in the typical music playlist or library.

SonicSwap is the first social platform built directly on iTunes that gives members a place to feature their music collections and playlists.

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