Sonic Wire Sculptor – A New Concept Musical App

From the developer:

“I just wanted to send you word about a new musical iPhone application coming out in the next few days that I’ve been working on for a long time.

“It’s called Sonic Wire Sculptor, and it’s a collaboration between myself and another artist, Amit Pitaru.

“Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide. A great effort has been placed in reworking the app to take advantage of the the iPhone’s unique audio and input capabilities.

“The Sonic Wire Sculptor turns your 3D drawing into sound. It introduces a simple yet deep connection between visual and audio composition.

“The app is easily graspable and intuitive, allowing someone with no musical or drawing background to lauch it and start exploring. At the same time SWS goes deep and encourages musicians and artists alike to explore new ideas in their craft.

“If you have a moment, you should head on over to the website :”

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