Song for Tibet is global iTunes number one

The Art of Peace Foundation has announced that its newly-released compilation, ‘Songs for Tibet’ is now the top-selling rock download on iTunes across the world.

“With the Beijing Olympics just days away, this album sends a clear statement to Tibet and the Dalai Lama that the world is with them and supports their dreams for fundamental human rights and autonomy,” said Executive Director of The Art of Peace Foundation, Michael Wohl.

A video for the project by Mark Pellington titled “Songs for Tibet – Freedom is Expression” is available on YouTube,

“Not only is the album a musical powerhouse, but we hope it will raise awareness of the lack of fundamental freedoms for all under Chinese rule, including the Tibetans,” Wohl continued. Among other things, it specifically targets the lack of freedom of press, speech and expression imposed by ‘The Great Firewall of China.’

The Foundation also initiated a campaign to provide free downloads of the album to Olympic athletes and urged them to wear iPods at the Olympics as a show of support for the freedom of expression.

Olympic Athletes wishing to download the album can do so by contacting

The Art of Peace Foundation also works with UK partner, Meridian Trust, to preserve Tibetan cultural traditions. Meridian Trust’s patron is the Dalai Lama, who has asked them to raise the awareness of Tibetan cultural traditions.

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