Snow Patrol shift 30k iPhone apps in first week

Snow Patrol’s iPhone application generated 30,000 downloads during its first week of release, a senior executive from the band’s label has revealed.

Polydor’s head of digital Paul Smernicki says the label is pleased with the performance of its recently released Snow Patrol iPhone application, which promoted the band’s new album. “We’re relatively pleased with the results,” he exclusively told Music Ally, Distorted Loop can reveal.

The executive also noted that the release of the software did help generate interest in the band’s latest album, ‘A Hundred Million Suns’.

“The next step is to figure out what it’s added to the campaign, but the initial download numbers would suggest that it’s added quite a lot, as well as the buzz around it ahead of the album release,” he added.

Snow Patrol’s is among the first few band-focused applications to reach the iPhone, with other similar initiatives from Pink, Fall Out Boy, Nine Inch Nails and David Byrne also making recent headlines.

Snow Patrol’s app was made available for free download and offerd a ton of interesting content, including art, lyrics and three video reports explaining the making of the album within the form of an unusual game, which involves unfolding paper flowers.

Given Polydor’s positive experience it seems pretty likely we’ll see more – far more – such applications offering fans a link to the artists they most love in future, with Fall Out Boy’s plans even including support for social networking between fans.

“There’s a lot that we can learn from non-music applications,” says Smernicki said. “There are some really clever things going on with stuff like GPS. You could follow bands on tour, map their tour around the world, and make live video or audio from gigs available. You might have interaction from the artist too, creating video diaries and reviewing the shows. There’s potential to create something that has a real function.”

Smernicki was talking to Music Ally for a feature in this week’s Music Ally Report, which is published today – look here for details of the services offered by the music industry analysis and consultancy firm.

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