Sky hooks Omnifone for its music service?

musical_notesAiming to offer subscribers an “all-you-can-eat” music service, satellite broadcaster Sky is in talks with Omnifone to provide the infrastructure for the service, a report today claims.

Pocket-Lint has learned of talks between the two firms, and while no final decision appears to have been made yet, it’s doubtful Sky wants to delay introduction of the service for too long, as it was announced in summer last year. The satellite giant is clearly the latest contender to attempt to bite a chunk from Apple’s iTunes’ UK music sales dominance.

The report speculates that success in these talks will see, “Sky customers will be enjoying access to Omnifone’s just announced MusicStation Next Generation service.”

Omnifone unveiled the service at Mobile World Congress.

However, later information suggests that while Sky may take some of Omnifone’s technology, its music service won’t be a rebranded version of MusicStation.

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