Sirius XM builds iPhone radio app

Newly-merged satellite radio firm Sirius XM is developing an application that will allow iPhone users to listen to the company’s radio transmissions.

As explained by leading US satellite radio website, Orbitcast, the solution is being developed as part of the StreamSmart project.

The StreamSmart project is dedicated to creating a platform for playing content from Sirius XM on a range of devices, including the iPhone. As a general purpose it resonates with the BBC’s plan for ubiquitous device-agnostic future broadcasting through iPlayer.

The software displays artist and song info for tracks being played and also has a view lyrics button and album art on the main page. We can imagine a future incarnation will also offer built-in iTunes Store links so you can purchase tracks you like as you here them.

The application is in the Alpha stage, which means it’s nowhere near yet release-worthy. Battery life is reportedly very good.

US satellite radio fans with an ear for trivia may be interested to learn the software’s being developed by GeeksToolBox, and will be called StarPlayr. The report suggests some level of partnership with the people at NiceMac.

7 thoughts on “Sirius XM builds iPhone radio app

  1. Nick

    Thanks Jonny,
    I wish we had some like Sirius XM in the UK, I for one would sub.

    Keep up the good work.


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