Shorts Int’l offers top-class films through iTunes

An inspiring collection of short films – The Animation Collection – is now available via Shorts International through the iTunes Store in the US, UK and Canada.

The collection includes a host of excellent short pictures, including the 2008 Oscar winning short title, ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and 2008 Oscar Nominee, ‘Even Pigeons Go To Heaven’. We have a short clip from the former film available after the jump.

The Animation Collection’s included films cover the gamut of the genre, from traditional hand-drawn cartoons to state-of-the-art computer graphics. Serious, funny and satirical titles are all included.

Better yet, the company is offering a free short animation, ‘The Harvest’, an amusing short title all about an alien invasion – really rather entertaining.

Shorts International is the world’s leading short film company with the largest and most diverse film catalogue devoted to short films. More than half of the catalogue’s individual films have been nominated for or received international film awards.

Films cost 79p to rent or £1.49 to purchase.

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