Shipping soon: ‘So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley’

Sony Music will release ‘So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley’, a collection of the singers greatest recordings, on January 19.

Prior to his tragic drowning, aged 30, on May 29 1997 in Memphis Tennessee, Jeff Buckley had only made one full album to his exacting standards, his 1994 studio debut ‘Grace’.

In these fourteen definitive performances of his finest original songs and signature covers, what you hear is the ambition and achievement of an incredibly realised talent; a legacy that’s still growing over a decade after his death.
Buckley was considered to be one of the voices of his generation, but his flourishing career was cut short when he moved to Memphis in early 1997 to begin demo-ing tracks for what should have become the finished ‘My Sweetheart The Drunk (working title)’ album.
Now, all these tracks can be heard alongside Jeff’s career defining rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. Cohen’s masterpiece has become one of the most covered songs of recent years, and is once again proudly sitting at the top of the charts following the X Factor winner Alexandra Burke’s version released in December.
The full tracklisting for ‘So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley’ is as follows:
1. Last Goodbye (Grace)
2. Lover You Should Have Come Over (Grace)
3. Forget Her (Grace Legacy Edition)
4. Eternal Life (Road Version)
5. Dream Brother (Alternate Take) (Grace Legacy Edition)
6. The Sky Is A Landfill (Sketches)
7. Everybody Here Wants You (Sketches)
8. So Real (Live and Acoustic In Japan, previously only available as a promo single.)
9. Mojo Pin (Live at Sin-e)
10. Vancouver (Sketches)
11. Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin (Live at Sin-e)
12. Grace (Grace)
13. Hallelujah (Grace)
14. (Hidden Track) I Know It’s Over, (Previously unreleased Smiths cover from Sony Studios Radio session in ’95).

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