Shazam serves up perfect iPhone storm

This is cool – Shazam has introduced an iPhone version of its mobile music discovery software, making it available at no charge through Apple’s App Store.
Shazam for iPhone fully integrates with and complements the device, allowing users to seamlessly discover, buy and share tunes simply by holding their iPhone to music for just a few seconds.
“Shazam on the iPhone allows users to discover, capture and share their experiences through music and images to fully encapsulate that moment.” said Andrew Fisher, Shazam’s CEO. “Shazam is inherently linked to the one device that is always with you – the mobile phone – and as such provides an instant link to the emotions and memories that sound evokes.”
If you’re not familiar with Shazam, it’s a great little solution that can really help you out when you hear a piece of music you like, but don’t know. Basically, you hold the device up to the music source, initiate the service, Shazam “listens” to the music, analysing it against its database of tracks, and then tells you who the artist is, what the track is, and offers you links to purchase the song immediately.The service is sensitive enough to recognize tracks within just three seconds, even when the volume is low and in environments with significant background noise.
Shazam for iPhone also lets you view music videos with links to YouTube and share events with other by attaching photos to the tag. The service has 15 million users.

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