Shazam confirms 1.5m iPhone downloads, more

Shazam today confirmed it has seen over 1.5 million downloads of its eponymously named Shazam music discovery application in just six weeks through Apple’s App Store.
The company also confirmed it intends introducing a premium version of its application, which will offer a host of additional features and functions – but will be free to users and supported by advertising. The existing application remains among the most popular applications available for the iPhone.

“The Shazam iPhone application has had a phenomenal user response both in the number of downloads and the number of tracks being identified.” said  Andrew Fisher, Shazam’s CEO

“The application taps into the user’s desire to discover, capture and share their music experiences and the success confirms our belief that music recognition will become a ubiquitous feature for all mobile phones in the future.”

The application allows users to identify music tracks, watch associated videos on YouTube, and buy identified tracks through iTunes using the iPhone.  Users can also tag the identified tracks with photos.
The company has seen fast growth over the past twelve months, recently announcing it now has 20 million customers worldwide.

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