Sex and Diet? There’s an App for that

You know how it is in the first flush of romance. Or lust. Things get pretty busy, and stay that way until ardour fades and you get to decide whether you’re made for each other or if it is time to move on. But there’s benefits to an active sex life, and 25-year old iPhone developer, Livvy Thompson, has put together an App to measure the calories you lose during love-making, Bedometer.

Bedometer works by analysing the duration and intensity of each session. When things are getting down and dirty you just put the iPhone on the bed, settee, kitchen counter, stepladder or whatever other surface you’re planning to get busy on. Switch on the App, and – Wham! It measures activity using the motion sensor.

“The results have been amazing. My boyfriend can’t get enough of it,” the developer said. “Our initial tests show that a vigorous workout for 15 minutes burns almost 200 calories each,” she also claimed.

There’s more, as the developer herself puts it: “By placing an iPhone or iPod touch on your bed during sex the sensitive accelerometer collates thrust, time and intensity to give you a calorie count for life’s most enjoyable workout. You can even post your results direct to facebook so your friends can see the progress of your healthy libido and sex Appeal.”

99-cents only, available right here.

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