Second Life co-founder – ‘ignore niche = peril’

Second Life co-founder, Cory Ondrejka, is now EMI Music’s senior vice president of Digital Strategy. Here’s his rather fascinating keynote speech delivered last night at Digital Music Forum West in Hollywood. His key message to the industry: “Underestimate niche at your peril.”

(To quote Peter Jenner, who told me once that the future of the industry is that of a vast network of multiple niches – it’s the direction people, with or without MySpace). Oh – and Ondrejka, a former submarine driver, also pointed out that there’s 50 virtual musical events inside Second Life each day.

2 thoughts on “Second Life co-founder – ‘ignore niche = peril’

  1. pulse

    Cory claims that music was the killer app of Second Life, and claims 50 musicians perform daily. But anyone who has spent anytime on Second Life would probably tell you that socializing virtual sex related activities are what keeps Second Life going.

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