BBC set to close BBC 6 Music? #savebbc6music

UK Music fans this morning are reeling at news the BBC will order the closure of the extremely highly regarded BBC 6 Music radio station and the Asian Network.

The Times says the measures are part of the BBC’s strategic review to be unveiled next month.

There has long been talk that 6 Music, which has an annual budget of £6m, is set to close as part of spending cuts: a report by the BBC trust earlier this month said that the station needs to become more cost effective by growing its reach without increasing costs.

The incredibly short-sighted decision has clearly been forced by some blind upper middle class attitude to popular music, t insisting this segment of the music listening audience be served by the same commercial radio stations who destroyed XFM on takeover of that once great station.

Reporting the insane move, The Guardian pleads: “We’d gladly pay to stream Radio 6 via iPlayer, so that’s another income stream for you BBC”.

Twitter is already trending with anger as UK music fans add the hash-tag, #savebbc6music, to their posts. Meanwhile groups aiming to save the service are already popping up on Facebook this morning with 57,622 people already signed-up to the Save BBC 6 Music group.

Join us on Twitter and lend your support to BBC 6 Music.

The plans also involve spending less on importing US TV shows.

Meanwhile the BBC remains silent.

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