RUMOUR, RUMOUR: Next-gen iPhone to carry Super Active Matrix OLED displays

Today’s hot iPhone rumour is a bit of a stretch, but worth repeating for the Apple prestidigitators and the illusionists of Apple spin – here it is:

The next iPhone will have a Super AMOLED screen, a new display technology developed by Samsung.

Advantages of this tech (in comparison with AMOLED) include better battery life and better visibility in sunlight. Active matrix OLED screens are the best displays around at the moment, some say.

Additional info (Wikipedia): OLED displays fabricated on flexible plastic substrates have the following advantages:

  • Thin, lightweight and rugged
  • Lower-power, superior image quality, and low cost compared to current LCDs
  • Rollable display to tuck away when not in use.

Anyway, I’m not making the claims, just noting them – get to know them for yourself here, here and here.

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