RjDJ music app worlds the weird

RjDJ is getting big pop over at the App Store, it’s a fascinating application which sucks sounds in from the world around you using the iPhone’s microphone, and then mixes and tweaks those real sounds in lots of ways to create a unique, slightly tripped-out listening experience. Kind of like drinking lager on pain-killers (probably), but nowhere near as dangerous (probably).

There’s a fascinating interview with company founder, Michael Breidenbrücker, available on Business Week. To quote a little: “Breidenbrücker says the major labels are intrigued, and that the company is about to land a deal with “a major recording artist.”

He argues that because the music played reacts to the environment, you could play your favourite track for hours, but it would never once sound exactly the same, boosting the length of time fans engage with artists.

On the heels of the Nine Inch Nails and Tapulous and the power and the glory that is the Ocarina application, this is simply yet another example to illustrate the disruptive and inspirational effect of the introduction of a mobile platform people actually like and use.

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