Ripping yarns: One-in-three people copy DVDs

One-in-three people in the US and UK habitually make copies of pre-recorded DVDs, the latest Consumer Home Piracy survey from Futuresource Consulting claims.
While the report attempts to paint a bleak picture – and it’s worth noting the survey was sponsored by copy protection maker, Macrovision – it does concede that “the majority of people are copying from their own purchased DVD in both the UK and US,” adding that “a significant proportion of people are copying from rented and borrowed titles,” while declining to enumerate the number of people it sees as “significant”.
Conducted among a survey group of 3,613 in the US and 1,718 in the UK, the annual survey claims the following trends:

– around one third of all respondents in both countries admitted to making copies of pre-recorded DVDs in the last six months, including many recent blockbuster titles on DVD;
– 18-24 year old males are most likely to copy DVDs
– UK respondents showed a significant increase in copying TV shows on DVD
– If respondents had been unable to make copies of DVDs, 63 per cent in the UK and 77 per cent in the USA said they would have purchased all, some or at least a few of the titles.
– In both territories, the most common way of copying is either from a DVD player to a DVD recorder, or using a single PC software application for burning DVD copies.

Futuresource Consulting is a new force in research and knowledge-based consulting, formed in June 2008 through a merger between Understanding & Solutions and Decision Tree Consulting (DTC).
If nothing else, to this jaded commentator, that home users are ripping their own purchased DVDs for using with non-DVD devices (iPods, for example) and their own personal use represents a strong argument for some concessions to legitimise and control format shifting.

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