‘Rescue Me’ series 4 episode 1 is free on iTunes

Just as we promised you last month, the fourth series of US firefighter drama ‘Rescue Me’ made its debut exclusively on iTunes in the UK this week.

It’s a landmark of sorts, as this is the first time a major television series has debuted exclusively through iTunes, and Sony Pictures Television and UK newspaper The Telegraph teamed-up to offer the first episode of the new series for free download through iTunes this week, which could be something for the weekend.

Starring Dennis Leary, Sky One didn’t choose to air series four, so Sony Pictures Television decided on the iTunes move. The previous three series are also now available online.

We have no end of ‘Rescue Me’-inspired goodness for you here on Distorted today – here’s a few clips to enjoy while you consider that iTunes is also offering exclusive features and never-seen-before footage of the first three series, if you look around just a little bit.

For star of the show Denis Leary the show has a special significance, both his cousin and his childhood friend were both killed in a warehouse flare-up in 1999. They were both firemen.

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