Read: Lily Allen’s deleted file-sharing notions here

lilyitsnotmesleeveSo, we kind of missed this whole red herring of a debate. In a nutshell, it seems to consist of one in which some of the more successful musicians have been listening to their lawyers too much and now want to punish their fans for file-sharing, with poor old Lily Allen thrust up-front in the dialogue.

Lily even went so far as to suggest file-sharers should be kicked off the internet, the same kind of three strikes rule currently championed by that politician no one has ever liked, Mandelson (the come-back king).

That’s rubbish, of course, because it will impact people’s access to other forms of cultural necessity as web access becomes a more important element of everyday life. And in any case, file-sharers will just go off and use another connection.

You can’t stop it. Legislation and punishment won’t prevent file-sharing. I don’t do it myself – don’t believe in it, because I used to manage bands and don’t want to steal their money (though let’s face it, I’m probably a minority in not wanting to steal an artist’s money even within the music industry)…Laws can be broken and side-tracked. It’s not about legal action, it’s about consent.

The industry needs to find new ways to marry digital with physical releases. it must accept lower profit margins, and become as creative about the music delivery mechanisms as it is in making the music. Sack the lawyers, call in the creatives. Get over it.

Anyway – thought you might be interested in one of the many mirror sites that offer you access to Allen’s now deleted anti-file-sharing comments. .

Though we do agree with this one: “I want to get people working together to use new digital opportunities to encourage new artists.”

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