Radiohead did webcast final US gig

Radiohead did indeed last night webcast their final show of their US tour from Santa Barbara, confirming an earlier claim in BoingBoing is reporting.

The original report wasn’t definite, suggesting it heard the news through a tip-off from someone who has been following the band on the latest tour. Distorted Loop then checked with its ‘sources’, who suggested the report to be ‘probably’ true, though full confirmation wasn’t achieved – it’s believed at this stage the band had only limited bandwidth to offer the stream, so that’s why they kept it quiet.

The band’s website, Dead Air Space, had little to say on the matter before the event, beyond a somewhat unusual hint to Mac users that they should download software to enable them to watch video made available in Windows Media format, or download that stalwart multimedia app, VLC. Windows users are also urged to download VLC.

Late last night – before the gig – the band published the following message: “Hello! To celebrate the end of a brilliant tour, we’re going to webcast the last show here in America. We’ll be playing live in Santa Barbara, at the Bowl. It’s one of our favourite places to play; I think we’ve ended tours there before, once even playing a cover of ‘ cinnamon girl ‘. It’s not too big, in fact it’s very intimate, a small arena with a dirt floor, set in pretty countryside. It should be a special night, for lots of reasons, and we’re going to try and share as much of it as we can on the webcast. Nigel, our producer, will be helping out getting it to you, so if it goes wrong….It’s live!

“Thank you so much to everyone who’s come and seen us this year; it has truly been the most special and exciting tour for all of us.”

Some clips from the webcast have begun to emerge:

Meanwhile, the band earlier this month announced four winners of the aniBoom Animated Video Competition, in which video makers were asked to create a video for a song from the band’s ‘In Rainbows’ album.

Four winners were chosen because, apparently, the entries were of such high quality. Each of the four creators receives $10,000 to produce their full-length video. Radiohead will potentially use the videos in support of future singles from In Rainbows.

Here’s one of the winning videos, 16 Tracks Vs. Videotape 2.0 by Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter, Germany, for the song “Videotape”. You can see the rest here.

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom

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