PureSolo for Mac/PC is music unleashed

This week sees the launch of PureSolo.com, a unique website service for the musically-minded that lets you play along to a variety of music tracks.
PureSolo.com is a website and free downloadable software (for Mac and Windows) that enables musicians to play along to any of 10,000 well-known music tracks, and also lets musicians record and share the music.
PureSolo’s smart, free software makes it simple for all members of the family to view sheet music or lyrics on screen, play, practice and digitally record their instruments or voice over high quality backing tracks featuring professional studio musicians.

Your musical creations can be shared with others using email, by burning tracks to CD and through uploading tracks to the PureSolo social network, where you can also listen to other people’s work and rate the music that results.

John Thirkell, co-Founder and COO at PureSolo.com, said: “For many music enthusiasts, the joy of hearing themselves performing with professional accompanists on a piece they know and love gives them complete satisfaction in their learning. The ability to share their take on a favourite track gives users the chance to say “that’s me you’re hearing” to friends, family, potential band members, or even a record company.”

Tracks are available to download through the PureSolo Player and are priced from £0.99 to £1.99. Once downloaded, a track can be used and re-used an unlimited number of times and can be burned to CD or emailed through the PureSolo Player. Each user receives one free download of their choice when they register to help them on their way.

The site is global and has significant publishing deals in place to make the music available legitimately.

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