Project Playlist hooks EMI Music

projectplaylistProject Playlist, the social media network where music fans discover, create and share playlists, has entered into an agreement with EMI Music to add EMI’s music recordings to Project Playlist’s offerings. Project Playlist users will have access to EMI’s catalogu as well as music from many of today’s current hit-makers. 
Project Playlist users will be able to access EMI’s digital audio and video content from both current chart-topping artists and legendary musicians.  Project Playlist has over 42 million registered users.
“It is crucial for us to continue connecting our users with more of their favorite music,” said Owen Van Natta, Chief Executive Officer for Playlist. “This partnership will provide us with a wide-ranging selection of content to satisfy our users’ appetites to share and purchase music.  We are excited to now have both EMI and Sony BMG Music catalogs available and we hope to continue to expand and enhance our service.” 
“Making our music available on a fan favourite like Project Playlist is part of EMI Music’s mission to connect artists and fans and to give fans more ways to discover new artists,” said Ronn Werre, EMI Music’s President, Music Services worldwide.  “Project Playlist is becoming a fan favorite.  Our artists also know that word-of-mouth among friends is a powerful part of music discovery.”
Project Playlist will continue to establish partnerships with leaders in the music and film industries in its effort to offer the most comprehensive collection of content available to be shared on the Web.

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