Presidents of America unleash iPhone app

presiPhone apps have reached the President, at least, rock band the Presidents of the United States of America have released four albums within an all-new iPhone application, now available through the App Store.

Aimed at the fans, the applications costs $3 and also features rare early demo recordings which were previously only available on a run of 500 cassette tapes. Fans also gain access to live tracks and demos in the form of streaming playlists.

Lead singer, Dave Dederer (who is also vice president for business development for nuTsie development company, Melodeo) tells fans on the artist’s site:

“Hey lovers of all things Presidential, Dave Dederer here. In my alter ego as a hard-charging entrepreneur at digital music start-up Melodie, I’ve just joined the two halves of my life by creating the PUSA App for the iPhone.”

“If all the rights to the masters and the publishing are contained — if the artist has control of them or the label has control of them,” said Dederer, “they can sell music in this entirely new format. The first one we’re doing is for my band, The Presidents… you can sort of pump anything in there that you want, at random. Maybe we’ll put my bandmate Chris Ballow’s answering machine message on there… it becomes an open conduit to the fans to promote tours… and include links to the band’s blog,” he told Epicenter.

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