Post-iPhone, Shazam leaps user targets

Innovative music discovery service, Shazam, has issued a release claiming over 20 million customers have used it to identify over 100 million tracks.

The company says “millions of tracks” are now being tagged every week anticipates crossing the 200 million track milestone soon, and that its service will be available on 250 million handsets by the end of 2009.

Shazam launched six years ago as a mobile-specific discovery service which then turned into a client app for mobile phones. Users of the service can identify tracks, share them and buy them.

CEO Andrew Fisher said: “We are seeing consumer adoption of Shazam increase dramatically and believe that music recognition will become a ubiquitous feature on mobile phones. By working closely with industry leading handset manufacturers and carriers Shazam is now embedded in tens of millions of handsets worldwide and we expect that by the end of 2009 Shazam will be available on more than 250 million devices.”

2 thoughts on “Post-iPhone, Shazam leaps user targets

  1. Dougee

    The question is how long will it remain free? There was some suggestion when first launched that it would then move to a subscription service which has yet to happen.

    They may provide this free as a way to get a kickback through affiliate links, and with “millions” of tracks being tagged, that could add up to a fair sum.

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