Please Help Steve Jobs Build His Retirement Paradise

Poor old Steve Jobs, all he wants is a retirement home for use for a few years when he’s done and dusted his current tech revolution taking computing from the PC and software paradigm to the cloud and touch. Naturally, given the chance to kick back and relax he seems to want to want to live near his old chum, Larry Ellison, in Woodside….but his efforts to tear down some 15-minute old slice of US history seem to have hit a wall yet again, as local history campaigners chuck yet another spanner in the works.

if you’ve been keeping up on the years of this campaign, Jobs owns some shambling old wreck of a residence called the Jacklling House. He’s been trying to get permission to knock it down, send it somewhere, anything but keep it for years and years and years, and he’s won frequent cases to almost get that permission, only to be knocked back by those local history campaigners.

Flash back to last month San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner last month upheld the Woodside Town Council’s decision to issue Jobs a demolition permit.

Jobs just wants to knock down the 7,250–square-foot mansion and replace it with a smaller home, probably the kind of pad that people will travel the world to marvel at, if it’s anything like a billionaire’s personal residence that’s inspired by the kind of design aesthetic that makes the Apple retail stores such a success.

Sadly, local campaigning group, Uphold Our Heritage, don’t want a new heritage, they want to hang onto the old stuff. Well, old by US standards (sorry US readers, but there’s older stuff in the world – London, Paris, Babylon).

So now the Uphold Our Heritage team have filed an appeal and are trying to get the courts to force Jobs to shift the mansion 2.3 miles away to a lot owned by residents Magalli and Jason Yoho, and restore the building there.

Yawn. (I mean look at it, it isn’t even that nice, it’s like a Hollywood film set, you keep expecting Zorro to come charging out waving his little sword around. Give Steve a place to hang his hammock, people).

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