slips UK iPad prices

Now we know Apple and Google aren’t such great friends right now, but now it looks like Google and may have figured out quite how to leak the Holy Grail of price discovery rumours, letting slip what could be potential prices for UK iPads….

Now, we’re not particularly excited at the prices we’re seeing here. “Search for “Apple iPad 16GB” on Google Products and you’ll get a iPad UK price of £499. Search for the larger 64GB version and there’s a price of £699.”

We don’t think that’s a sweet enough sweet spot for UK pricing, and hope there’s a little work going down to lower these a little more – at these prices you may as well buy a Mac, in my opinion. But never say never.

ElectricPig feels a little the same, saying, “We’d hope that Apple won’t simply switch the dollar sign for the pound sign when deciding the iPad UK price. It has happened before but if it did this time, UK iPad users would be getting a pretty bad deal.”

Macworld UK of course is currently the champion in the ‘guess the iPad price’ competition, with wide reports in circulation citing its basic GUESSING at a £417 entry-level spot.

We’ll wait and see.

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