Pete Jenner speaks at MusicTank seminar

Highly-respected music manager Pete Jenner will speak at the third of MusicTank’s ‘Lets Sell Recorded Music’ events, in a speech focusing on how we can license compelling alternatives to file sharing.
The event – which takes place November 18 at the MCPS-PRS Alliance – will also feature Beggar’s Simon Wheeler, Jez Bell From MCPS-PRS Alliance, Clintons’ Tom Frederikse On Panel.
“After many a false dawn record labels are now embracing digital media with a passion and it seems that new digital services are announced every week,” Music Tank remarks. “The varied nature of many of these services though, some with DRM, some DRM-free, some on an a la carte model, others a subscription service, some ad funded or streamed, others tied to mobile devices, has created just as many new challenges for those whose business it is to license the music,” they add, with some now claiming music licensing practices need to evolve more to embrace the full potential of the digital age.  
Chairing the debate will be Keith Harris, renowned artist manager, MusicTank Chairman and Director at the PPL, delivering the keynote will be Peter Jenner, of Sincere Management – a firm advocate of the need for a blanket music license, and Tom Frederikse, Solicitor & Attorney at Clintons, Simon Wheeler, Director of Digital, Beggars Group, the UK’s largest independent and Jez Bell, Broadcast & Online Licensing Director, MCPS-PRS Alliance. The final panellists will be announced next week.
It begins at 6.30pm. More information (tickets must be booked in advance).

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