Performance-quality sampling app hits iPhone

Some of you may have asked for performance-grade sample instruments for the iPhone. Some of you may have wanted to mess around with your own or other people’s samples using the device. There’s probably a few folk who’d like to have a portable sample mixing station tied into their decks when they’re playing a live show. For all of you – good news, the wait is over with the launch of Star6, which does all of this.

Star6 not only lets novice musicians experiment and play with an infinite variety of sound – whether it’s their own uploaded samples or presets provided for free, but also gives professional musicians and DJs a new tool for live performance and music production. Star6 is now available through the iTunes App Store at an introductory price of $6.99.

“From hip hop to rock bands to solo vocalists or improvisers, today’s music world sees almost every style of music using computers to provide soundtracks, ambient textures and synthetic beats to accentuate their performance,” said musician, Jason Forrest.

“This isn’t just a DJ app’ – it’s a fun, dynamic and powerful tool that helps musicians like me produce these same sounds on-the-go and perform them in front of a live audience. Star6 gives musicians of every level a pro-quality, performance-ready sample instrument in their pocket,” he adds.

This app’s taken eleven months to develop and offers a host of features to make creating and manipulating sound more flexible and portable than ever before.

The application features a powerful real-time granular synthesis audio engine that enables the user to change the pitch, speed, gate, sample order, sample size and randomness of samples by using the iPhone’s accelerometer. Users can also add traditional audio effects like delay, filter, and distortion to control music samples in real time.

Star6 users can easily upload their own samples and everything can be recorded and downloaded with simple web browser-based file transfers.

Star6 leverages the iPhone’s accelerometer as a fun and intuitive means of controlling audio processing. Users can even change multiple synthesis settings at once by placing fingers on multiple pads and moving the device.

Additional features:

Dual audio modes: Use “Sync Mode” to keep samples on the beat and “Grain Mode” for bizarre continuous tones and random effects.

BPM/Tempo: Star6 uses granular synthesis to adjust the playback speed for all samples from 1 – 303 BPM while preserving pitch.

Real-time Process Display: Star6 dynamically displays the state of your sound synthesis settings.

Session-based Sample Management: Samples can be organized in any configuration, saved in any state, and added or deleted easily.

BPM Indicator: Flashes on the beat to provide a visual indicator of playback speed.

Play, Pause, Reset, Reverse, and Save: With a single touch, users can turn audio on and off, reset the process back to the original, or play your sample backwards. All creations are saved automatically.

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