People’s Music Store – the shop for fans!

Recall the heady days of music retail when enthusiasts lorded over their record shops, teaching music fans what was hot and what was not, and offering educated recommendations to people seeking out new song sensations? Well, now you can run a similar breed of shop, using the all-new People’s Music Store.

People’s Music Store – just recently emerged out of beta – is a service that lets music fans create their own music store for their website or blog. This is a real store, selling real music online, with the people behind the service sorting out rights, permissions and payments.

All a user need to is register for the service and then spend some time populating their store with whatever music they are keen to sell.

Once the store’s set-up, you can embed a microstore widget on your blog, websites and/or social network page. People will be able to use that widget to browse and listen to the music in your store – here’s the widget in action on our store, a randomly-selected group of albums – feel free to buy a few to try this out (we like music).

If you know your music and can write about it enthusiastically and in detail, there’s a good chance you can sell a few tunes or albums using this concept. You can populate your store with up to 50 albums, as far as we can tell from a brief exploration of the place.

If you do, you’ll be wondering what the benefit to you is, right? Well, this isn’t an affiliate scheme, so you won’t see cash, but you do get something else that’s close to your heart – you earn free music. You earn points for each sale, so for each ten albums or tracks you sell you’ll get one track or album for free.

Albums seem to cost £7.99 while individual tracks cost 99p each.Music is sold in 320k MP3 format. (Oh, by the way, in your typical pattern, major labels seem, erm, “under-represented” in this innovative start-up service).

People’s Music Store, by the way, is the latest innovation from the London-based team at Pitch7, the people behind Bleep.

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